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About Us

Who is VapingME.com?

VapingME started in mid-2012 as a way for people that used "analogs" for nicotine delivery to vaping solutions - an intensely better mechanism, and containing roughly 4,000 less ingredients.  Did you know that "analogs" even utilize ammonia within them?  Talk about gross!

Our company is a small, family owned business dedicated to helping people with the gift of health via vaping.  VapngME (Matthew & Amanda) has, to date (01/02/15), served over 13,000 unique customers!  All of our products are authentic, insuring that what you purchase is the "real deal."  We are able to keep our pricing obnoxiously low due to our low overhead, and do not expect them to ever increase - even as we add new product additions.  Our genuine passion is to steer people towards our company creed - Health. Simplicity. Enjoyment.

Matthew's Success Story 

"I smoked for 25 years, starting at 14.  Amanda (my wife) quit cold turkey when she found out she was pregnant with our son, Logan.  I couldn't.  I tried SO hard for 5 years after our beautiful son's birth - cold turkey, the patch, Chantix (awful and terrible medicine IMHO), and other succession methods.  None of them worked for me.  For many years after our son's birth, I hid my addiction as best as I could - including air fresheners, mints / breath sprays, and actually hiding full and empty analog packs as I didn't want them to be seen in our trash.  I felt like a disappointment to myself, but most importantly, to my family.  I HAD to stop.  Enter vaping.  Vaping was "young" when I discovered it in 2010.  I.e. a simple eGo-C battery and Kanger T2 clearomizers (still widely popular to this day).  I crushed up my last pack of analogs on a Thursday night, and started vaping the next day.  I never looked back, and have not backtracked once since moving forward with vaping.  I can taste.  I can smell.  I can breathe.  I don't stink any longer.  The difference in my life was overwhelmingly positive."  

Why we started VapingME.com

Matthew has, to date, has 20 years of Ecommerce experience.  In early-2012, he was laid off from a company in East Texas that was closing due to poor sales (not Ecom, LOL).  On the drive home from being laid off, he smiled on the return trip.  He knew that he was going to start a vaping company online utilizing all of his prior work experience, and his own success in transitional to vaping.  We were excited when we received 10 orders per day - now we're up to hundreds, and so thankful for every single customer to date.  The success stories we've heard are simply amazing - 50 and 60-year analog users that made the switch - and it truly warms our hearts.

In closing, we are so genuinely grateful for each and every customer.  We take your heath and needs seriously, and are beyond enjoyed to help people make the transition.  We are very appreciative of your patronage, and referrals to your family and friends.  Remember - vaping works.  We've living proof.

Thank you so much for your interest in VapingME.com.  We appreciate every visit our site receives, and are glad you've chosen to visit us.

With all of our very best,

Matthew & Amanda



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