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Authentic Kanger EVOD eGo Full Starter Kit

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Product Description

Authentic Kanger EVOD Clearomizer Starter Kit - It Really Doesn't Get Any Simpler Than This . . . 


Let's make this really easy . . . 

  • The Kanger EVOD is a popular and proven clearomizer.   Read the reviews - they speak for themselves. 
  • The build quality of the entire kit is exceptional.  The button on the battery is SOLID.
  • The batteries pump out a solid 3.7v, a perfect match for the EVOD. 
  • Sooooo easy to fill / maintain / clean / re-use
  • Charge one battery while you use the other - redundancy is the name of the game!

What's in the box? 

  • 2 x Kanger EVOD 3.7v eGo batteries
  • 2 x Kanger EVOD clearomizer
  • 5 x EVOD replacement heating coils
  • CLEAR instructions
  • USB to eGo charger
  • USB to US wall plug 

Vaping Me / Matthew's Review of the Kanger EVOD Kit:

If you're looking for a complete vaping solution, this is it.  Entry-level, but powerful.  Quality build - the batteries, the clearomizers - everything.  An additional 5 replacement atomizer coils makes this kit a bargain - i.e. you'll be able to vape for weeks / months off of this single kit (entirely based upon YOUR usage).  Stealthy and sleek.  Seamless fit between the battery and the EVOD clearomizer.  


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Product Reviews

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  1. GREAT Starter kit

    Posted by MBS on 28th Jan 2015

    This is my first "real" vaporizer. I used one of the cheap ones from a gas station a few times before this. Love this product. Haven't thought of smoking a cigarette since starting this. No more chest aches, coughing, etc. Would definitely recommend for someone looking to get into vaping.

  2. Good Product

    Posted by Unknown on 14th Jan 2015

    I like the product very much. But I wish it would have came with a bottle of juice instead of having to purchase it separate. It is a "Starter Kit" so to me the juice should be included.

  3. love this

    Posted by Denise on 28th Oct 2014

    Awesome ... love this...rather vap then ever smoke again

  4. Excellent Start Kit

    Posted by Unknown on 11th Oct 2014

    For a starter kit, and for the price, I've found this to be perfect. Getting two straight off the bat allows me to always have one ready to go as a backup. I've found some slight eJuice residue can fall back into the connection to the battery, but 10 seconds with a tissue or q-tip when refilling isn't too much hassle. At my current usage (cutting down from the better part of a pack a day) the battery is usually solid for ~24 hours.Would certainly recommend as a starter.

  5. Great Introduction to Vaping

    Posted by Blaine on 1st Sep 2014

    Bought this as my first ecig after a recommendation from a friend. Great price for what's in the box (basically 2 ecigs) and for fantastic build quality. Feels very sturdy and looks sleek in silver.

  6. Great starter kit!

    Posted by Kevin on 27th Aug 2014

    So if you're used to the over the counter Blu or 510 setups you can get at your local convenience stores.... be prepared to be blown away by this at around the same price point!

    Clouds and clouds of vapor, easy to use.

  7. noob friendly!

    Posted by Unknown on 24th Aug 2014

    I'm gingerly dipping my toes into the world of vaping and decided to purchase this starter kit after checking several reviews. So glad I did! Simple to set up, easy to use, and the colors are fun too, haha. It gives me a good amount of "smoke" and I've thoroughly enjoyed my EVOD so far.

    Vapingme offered a great price and even better customer service- they were quick to verify an issue with my address through email, wrote a thank you on my order slip, and even slipped some fun cards into the box (Pokemon and a dino fact one, very unexpected and cute! made me smile). Would absolutely recommend and I'll definitely be shopping here again in the future.

  8. Total Noob Review

    Posted by clueless noobie on 14th Aug 2014

    This review is from a complete and utter noobie when it comes to vaping. Please bear that in mind.

    Long time smoker, tried quitting cigarettes on and off for years, using various methods (patch), with little or haphazard success. Nothing lasting, though, really.

    After some research on the benefits of vaping over smoking, I decided to take the plunge, and did some more research as to what would be a good 'starter kit' and a good vendor to buy from. Needless to say, the number of options for vaping are staggering and intimidating, particularly to someone like me, who had no clue what I was getting into!

    Anyway, thanks mostly to http://www.reddit.com/r/electronic_cigarette/, www.vapingme.com was the seller I choose, and the start kit was the Kanger EVOD eGo Full kit seemed like a great inexpensive starter kit.

    In short, I am 99% happy with my purchase!

    Now for details.


    The ordering experience was great, and delivery was very quick! Everything came as promised, undamaged. There was a personalised hand written 'Thank You!' note from the person who processed my order, which was nice. There were also trading cards (DC, Pokemon, etc..) thrown in to the package as well, which made me scratch my head for a moment, until I remembered I came there from Reddit, so they probably assumed I'm a 20 something person (LOL I'm not.. too old for Pokemon, but I'm keeping the DC card!) - Still, it was a cool little 'thank you' gift, and I appreciated it.

    Kanger EVOD eGo Full kit:

    I never vaped before. Never. Didn't even try a friends. Nothing. I am as clueless as it gets. Keep this in mind.

    The packaging was attractive, and very well done. the 2 clearomizer vapes were very cool and sleek looking.. All the pieces appeared to be there and in place (vapes, charger, extra .. coils? yes.. coils.. ) and the instructions.

    Here is one area where the some points come off. The instructions were a little unclear. since I got the clearomizer version of the evod, there was an add in specific to the clearomizer style vape, since the printed booklet was for a different type (not sure which).

    So, ok.. a little confusing, but only slightly so. I figured it out quickly enough. However, some instructions regarding maintenance as well as how to go about vaping would have been nice (this is starter kit after all), but I was able to find out all kinds of info online, so.. ok .. fair enough... I'm ready to go!!! OH.. Wait...

    here is where a little more comes off my score.. no juice was included!! - Now, this is perfectly fine, but remember.. clueless noob here!! I wish the site included a disclaimer or something so us dumb vaping babies know what we arn't getting! (hint hint, vapingme.com!) LOL Not a huge deal, but I had to stop and run out for some juice.. I hit my local b&m cigar store, and picked up some menthol, so it would kind of mimic my usual smokes..

    I filled up the tank (per instructions), finished my last (ever, hopefully) cigarette, turned on the unit, and pulled my first vape.. Nice! ME LIKEY!!! ME LIKEY LOTS!!!! WHOO! Goodbye cigarettes!!!!

    fast forward almost a week.. I'm sick of menthol.. Hit a local vape shop to get some good e-juice.. find one I really, really liked (sarsaparilla!!) YES!!!

    No... :( not compatible with my evod according to the guy at the counter, since the juice I just tried has an oil based component. The oil in the juice will melt or crack the evod tank, because it's plastic. BUMMER! Ah, well.. live and learn.. There are plenty of other juices out there that will work fine, but some more points off for being plastic and not compatible with all juice types..

    OK Final score..

    3 instances of me taking points off for minor things.. I STILL give this vape kit a 10 OUT OF 10, since it met and nearly exceeded all my needs as a clueless noob! I would recommend this to anyone looking to get started!! Just expect a slight learning curve, and hitting some speedbumps along the way.. but nothing more than picking up any new gadget or device.

    as for vapingme.com.. they get a 15 out of 10. VERY EXCELLENT DELIVERY AND SERVICE!! and a nice FRIENDLY vibe really got through to me, even though I never spoke to anyone there.


    quick delivery

    friendly vibe

    got what I asked for


    Kanger EVOD eGo Full kit

    Excellent starter kit, particularly for noobies like me.

    Looks sleek and nice

    Easy to use, maintain, and understand (with a little help from a friend or the internet)

    I haven't had a single cigarette, or missed them since I got this.

    I'm loving it, as the clown says.

    Plastic tank - doesn't play well with juices with oils in them.

    Instructions could be a bit more clear.

  9. Great

    Posted by Unknown on 7th Jul 2014

    Everything here is great to use at the lowest possible price. I will probably pick up a few more of these sets for relatives.

  10. good start

    Posted by Unknown on 26th Jun 2014

    great place for poeple to figure out if vaping is for them

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