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Electronic Cigarette Usage Poll - Interesting Results From Reddit.com

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A poll was performed in the Electronic Cigarette Sub-Forum o Reddit.com earlier this week, with 1703 respondents to date.  The poll results provided very detailed statistics on electronic cigarette usage, vape shops, ejuice, and merchant retailers, demographics, and other pertinent information.  Keep in mind that the majority of users on Reddit.com are between 18-32.  Below are highlights from the poll questions and their results:

Survey Age Range:

  • 16-17:  04% (Less than 1% of the total was under 16)
  • 18-21:  25%
  • 22-26:  25%
  • 27-32:  20%
  • 33-40:  15%
  • 41-50:  06%
  • 51-60:  02%
  • Over 60:  1%


  • Male - 91%
  • Female - 09%

Length of Time User Consumed "Traditional Tobacco Products" Before Vaping:

  • 01-05 Years:  30%
  • 05-10 Years:  21%
  • 10-20 Years:  23%
  • 20+ Years:  10%
  • Never:  14%
  • Preferred Not to Answer:  01%

Traditional Tobacco Products Used Before Vaping:

  • Cigarettes:  81%
  • Cigars:  28%
  • Pipe:  11%
  • Chewing Tobacco:  14%
  • Other:  09%
  • None:  12%

Traditional Cigarette Consumption Before Vaping:

  • None:  16%
  • Special Occasions:  04%
  • Less Than One / Day:  04%
  • 1-5 Cigarettes / Day:  04%
  • 05-10 Cigarettes / Day:  11%
  • 10-20 Cigarettes / Day:  18%
  • 1 Pack / Day:  29%
  • 2 Pack / Day:  08%
  • 3-4+ Pack / Day:  <1%

Those that Attempted to Quit Traditional Tobacco Products Via Cessation Methods Before Vaping:

  • Yes - 39%
  • No - 35%
  • Never Tried - 24%

After Beginning Vaping, Cigarettes Still Consumed:

  • None:  76%
  • Special Occasions:  11%
  • Infrequent:  07%
  • 1-5 Cigarettes / Day:  03%
  • 5-10 Cigarettes / Day:  02%
  • 1-4+ Pack / Day:  00%

Nicotine Level When First Started Vaping:

  • 00mg:  07%
  • 03mg:  03%
  • 06mg:  10%
  • 12mg:  21%
  • 18mg:  31%
  • 24mg:  19%

Nicotine Level Currently Vaped:

  • 00mg:  08%
  • 03mg:  34%
  • 06mg:  33%
  • 12mg:  13%
  • 18mg:  06%
  • 24mg:  01%
    (Note the very substantial drop for the previous survey metrics)

At this point, we can already ask the question based on the metrics stated above - Is vaping a valid cessation method?  The statistics speak for themselves . . . 

Bonus - What Type(s) of eJuice Flavor Preferred (Multiple answers allowed):

  • Tobacco:  19%
  • Fruit:  81%
  • Sweets:  63%
  • Sours:  22%
  • Beverage:  28%
  • Dessert:  59%
  • Spices:  10%
  • Coffee:  21%
  • Candy:  38%
  • Mint:  28%
  • Cream:  48%
  • Floral:  06%
  • Other:  06%

There is much in the news these days regarding flavored eJuice attracting children, or those under the age of 18, attracted to vaping due to available flavors.  Based on the above data, 94% surveyed are adults 18 years old and above - proving that adults do enjoy flavored eJuice.

All of these statistics are interesting to say the very least.  This is one poll of many that we will hopefully see in the near future.  Fascinating information.  


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