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03/05/2014 - The items recommended on this page have are the best-selling products across all of our inventory.  These are easy to use, proven-performance integrated vaping solutions.   And fun! 

A quick note about "Kits" - If you're looking for an all-one-one solution, I'm currently compelled to recommend the Kanger EVOD kit.  Order flavored eJuice to your order, and you'll be vaping in a handful of days.  Clear instructions provided.  That said . . .

Let's Get Started With Easy and Proven Vaping Equiptment!
What I am about to recommend is SOLID and PROVEN.  Easy to use, and provides a very good mix of vapor and full flavor.  I tend to recommend 2x of almost everything, for redundancy.  It's not like you can buy an electroinic cigarette battery at 1am!

Our complete vaping solution:
Replacement Clearomizer Coils
USB charger
Wall charger

1.  Battery
The battery you choose as the core of your vaping setup is important.  You don't want knock-offs.  You want genuine, and proven batteries.  Here are two of our very best:
Kanger eGo EVOD VV - starting at $20.99
Aspire eGo Revolver - starting at $20.99
Both batteries are proven performers, and it really comes down to personal choice as both have the same functions.  Please note that batteries do not come with chargers.  See a bit lower down the page for those.

2.  Clearomizer to hold your eJuice
The Aspire eGo ET-S  - $8.99 each
These are outstanding - take a look at the reviews on the product page and see what people are saying about it.  This unit is glass encased in metal.  The glass ensures that you can vape any type of e-juice you'd like, and the flavor output is amazing.  Let me repeat - AMAZING!  Get a couple / few in different colors - it's great for running multiple flavors and being able to tell them apart.  Here's the greatest part about the Aspire eGo ET-S - you don't throw them away.  When they start to taste "funky," you toss the atomizer coil, slap a new one in, and it's just a like new!  REALLY saves money in the long run.

3.  Replacement Clearomizer Coils
Aspire 2.0 Replacement Coils - $10.99 for a 5-pack
I find that each coil lasts me 7-10 days, variance depending on the frequency of vaping.  EASY to replace, and it makes your clearomizer like brand-new.

4.  USB Battery Charger 
USB Charger $4.99
provides a charge via USB to Vision, and Kanger eGo-style batteries. 

Completely Optional
USB to US Wall Plug for eGo USB Battery Chargers - $4.99

This, my friends, is a great setup that doesn't break the bank.  Solid products, and outstanding performance. Sooooo easy to use.  As always, let us know if you have any questions! We're here for YOU.

Matthew @ VapingME 

P.S.  Don't forget to pick up some Baus eLixer eJuice to complete your vaping nirvana.

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